Friday, January 9, 2009

im gonna hope i do something big like its 2009.

wow... i aint been on here for a little while. i would say that its because i been uber busy running, chuckling, + grinning from one thing to the next. i really would because in a way its true. so much has went down since mid-december, but jeez i know the dealio. my lazy bum self just hasnt got on here + typed my heart out. maybe its the kick-back, lay-back holiday effect on me... naw, im just a lazy bum at times + thats got to cease this year.

you know where this is about to lead to. yeah, yeah its new years. well, 9 days past of new years, but we in the new year none the less + mostly everyone is all on the whole "its a new dawn, its a new day, its a new life for me" state of mind (excuse me if i got the lyrics mixed up. i love that song though.). i sort of gave up on that whole idea of a brand spanking new year brings forth the magical power of simple, constant growth + easy, simple change. just because we switch that last yearly digit up one notch does not mean that everything will be different + new under the sun. some things dont change overnight or over years. well, at least not with just new year hopes alone.

even though i do bump away the thought of making resolutions, i am dreaming for some changes. the list in my brain is miles long + world wide believe me, + most of it is me. i still need to sit down + actually write it out, but i havent done it yet because either my mind is shooting off of 8 different thoughts at once or my body is moving to 3 places at once or IM JUST FRICKIN' LAZY AT TIMES!!! yeah, something must be done because i know that there is more to my life than where im at right now. i can literally see that shit clear as the letters on my keyboard. well, dont count the Q button, theres some gunk on there. i need to scratch off. ewww... umm anyway, i need a change from this cycle i been circling around for ages + i guess thats why that one midnight 9 nights ago seem so promising to me + a billion more. it says thats we starting anew, its a clean canvas to etch the view of our lives however we want to. i just need to pick up my freaking brushes + paint instead of letting it gather dust. lol well, heres the the new year.

oh crap yeah. dont laugh, but happy belated holidays, merry belated birthdays, happy prelated mlk day in case i miss it + it be belated, happy belated new years- wait, does that even makes sense? oh whatever. happy happy joy joy yall. lol

soulfully yours, peace+luv 4eva, the 3rd tWin