Wednesday, October 29, 2008

let me be there.

it makes no sense how much unconditional love i have her. it makes no sense how much she has to endure. it makes no sense that she is walking that road alone. all i know is that i wish she would let me save her from herself. i thought that maybe God did this for the best, have us go our separate ways for the better; but how can i just sit + know that she is sinking lower into thinking that she is powerless + a failure? i can't... peace+luv 4eva, the 3rd tWin

lost ones II (heartsense)

tonight i could be your unlogical genius
let me be
i know i can take you away from here
or at least try
anything is better than sitting there crumbling
struggling to figure
out this reality + our star-crossed co-existence
our pieces do fit
i'm so concern of this puzzling heartache
let me take care
of the meanwhile + tomorrow days
from this actuality of worldful truths
just hold tight
my arms could be all the knowledge you need
we know the way
think of how our happiness could be enough
to get us through
it could be the oddest story that should never be
a mockery
of how two fools chose clueless make believe
or maybe
we could live as if we would never need to dream

102-22-008 dWjb

thinking about later, wanting to pass now.

im really starting to like for november to go by a lil more swiftly + for december to just begin. why? because that would mean that this semester will be done + over! im getting kinda weary of 2 of my classes right now. why did i pick ethics + spanish...

well, spanish is not so bad. i just got to beat myself in the head to study everything + practice it on my own to be able to do it for the exams. ethics, however, is always up over my head. im getting thrown off, plus im starting to lose my interest in the subject. its a nice, meaning subject, but i just dont feel like taking it no more. all well though, i got to keep going so i can get my gpa up to a 3.0. I MUST KEEP H.O.P.E. ALIVE!! lol

plus lately, i been thinking about my plans after i graduate. yesterday i got into a deep personal coversation with a friend of mine from a dance team im a part of. we related + opened up to each other on things that happened in our past, our beliefs, aspirations, + how we both want to become better dancers. he told me that next year he could be going to kennisaw state university. right when i heard him say kennisaw, i ran to my room + pulled out this flyer i got from a dance studio about the school + its dance program. i been thinking more + more about going there + majoring or minoring in dance. i can also get my masters in middle school education there too so it sounds like a very good possibility to explore later on, but i dont know.

dance has been 1 of my "escapes" from actuality since i was in 6th grade + since i been in college, its become more than a getaway from everything. its my life support in a way. i dont know what i would do if i couldnt dance in my life. i love it that much + im feeling that i should maybe take a chance for this. now im not saying im gonna take all the lil change of money i got, get a 1 way ticket to nyc, + live out my dreams. ohhno. i aint honey, this aint "fame". im thinking smart about this. there has to be a way to live in my daydreams. i just got to figure it out + leap for it. pray for a brotha... til the next time... peace+luv 4eva, the 3rd tWin

Monday, October 27, 2008

...+ let it begin... again.

hey, hi, hello, + salutations everybody. i woke up today + decided that im going to start me a new blog on here, mostly because my best friend/sister has one here (are ya happy now? ya done converted me! jeez... lol) + because my old one was just sitting there with no one visiting nowadays except but some company that want me to get digital signages... not sure what that is...

anyway, im making a move, probably gonna turn my old one into a place to write out + keep my writins (poetry + stuff like that), but use this to get out my chants + rants on life. nicey. well, here we go... til the next time, peace+luv 4eva, the 3rd tWin