Thursday, April 5, 2012

work is working me right now.

there are those times where things just seem to push + pinball you around without a care. people serve you with mistreatment, almost as if they woke out of bed with the intention of making life harder for you. it just makes you wanna scream why... why? well, right now i don't wanna raise my voice. i never was one for an argue, but none the less. all I can think of right now are three things. 1. i been through worse, so i can get through this respectfully + with my intregity intact. 2. as thankful as i am to have some kind of flexible employment in this time + age, this is not the place for me to be staying around for much longer- yet alone for the rest of dis lifetime. something is gonna shift. 3. when i get to where i'm gonna be at, when i'm doing the thing i truly love + live for + making a living sharing my passion, i will remember the moments like this + be thankful for everything i been through, because somehow it helped me for the better. i wonder... anyone else having job issues? are your employers making your life hard or putting you in a place of inconveinence? how do you deal with it? why are you staying? do you want to leave the job behind? do you have bigger plans beyond your current job? let a brotha know, + please pray for a brotha too. til the next time... soulfully yours, peace+luv 4eva, the 3rd tWin